About us

Freestyle Sports, LLC is founded and owned by Jasper and Ayla Eden.

jasper and Ayla Freestyle Sports

Jasper and Ayla arrived in Austin for the first time in 2012. They were blown away by it’s beauty and culture and knew this is where they want to build their future. The city’s passion for youth basketball and soccer made it the ideal market to introduce Freestyle Sports’ unique new European products. Plus it’s one of the fastest growing cities in the US. They provided basketball clinics at different schools to experience how the children and teachers/coaches would pick it up. It turned out to be a big success and everybody was excited about the unique way Jasper and Ayla teach basketball; everybody had fun, no matter their experience or level.

Jasper and Ayla started to talk to a lot of parents to ask them about the current sports culture in the United States and what they thought were the pros and cons. This is when they got the idea to start their own business with a different approach to sports. Freestyle Sports focuses on having fun, while improving personally and athletically.

In 2013 Ayla became a Dartfish Certified Technologist after completing the official course in Colorado Springs, CO. This makes her one of the few (less than 100) worldwide Dartfish Certified Technologist and only the third in The Netherlands. During this course, she met a lot of high level coaches and athletes where she stayed in touch with. These coaches and athletes also provided Jasper and Ayla with insight in the current sports culture and advice on their business idea. Ayla learned there is potentially a large demand for video analysis services in the United States, especially in non-professional settings.

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