Specialty classes are a great way to focus on one particular skill or topic in a small group. Do you want to be the best three-point shooter of your team? Or do you feel like your ball handling could use some extra work? Does you coach wants you to become his go-to post player, but you need some extra post moves? All these issues are a great reason to join a specialty class.

Topics we will cover:

Quick DrawTM:

Shooting the basketball is a down-up motion and can be broken down in multiple stages. The Quick DrawTM system teaches players to shoot without a basketball; positioning of the hands, squaring up, squatting down. When player receives the ball, he/she is already on the way up and will get a perfectly lined up shot up in 0.5 seconds. Quick DrawTM will speed up your jump shot by 60%. Would you like to become a phenomenal shooter like Steph Curry (Golden State Warriors), Ray Allen (Miami Heat) and JJ Redick (LA Clippers)?

Ball CommanderTM:

By focusing on ball handling in a creative way; kids learn to master the ball and become a Ball CommanderTM! By gaining confidence and superior hand-eye coordinating in a FUN way, they will no longer be a “passing station”! Coach won’t hold his breath when they have the ball anymore!

Ball CommandersTM can:

  • Create space from anywhere on the basketball court
  • Put themselves in the best position to make a great basketball play
  • Be fearless and dangerous with the ball…. With either hand!

Players can achieve elite level ball handling to stand out even more. Fast and furious, NBA-level ball handling, broken down to a science. This is not about working out; this is about out working!

Post Play:

Nothing is more valuable than a skilled big man. Have you noticed most of the skilled big man in the NBA are European players? As a post player, footwork is your friend. Master the step through like Luis Scola, use the back board like Tim Duncan, use a hook shot like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, improve your midrange jumper to become the next Dirk Nowitzki, learn how to pass in traffic like Boris Diaw or become an all-rounder like Pau and Marc Gasol.