One World Soccer Test Results

In February 2017, the 02, 03 and 04 Select Boys and Girls teams participated in tests to determine a baseline for the strength and conditioning program. It doesn’t only tell us the current skill level of the players, but it also allows us to possibly identify weaknesses and starting injuries. The players we’re testing in the following:

  • Stamina
  • Power
  • Fatigue index
  • Speed
  • Agility
  • Feet Coordination
  • Hamstring flexibility
  • Balance
  • Jump Height

For each test, we have established a top 3 for both the boys and the girls. This gives the players an opportunity to work hard during the strength and conditioning program to work their way in to the top 3 after the post-assessment week. After the post-assessment week, we will also display a top 3 per test for the most improved players. For the strength and conditioning program, the most improved top 3 is the most valuable. That really displays the hard work the players put in to try to be the best athletes they can be.


Beep test VO2-max
Dominic Mayen 11.5 51.7 ml/kg/min
Liam Manley 11.4 51.4 ml/kg/min
Aaron Sass 11.2 50.8 ml/kg/min
Skylar Zinnecker 9.4 44.6 ml/kg/min
Reese Barucky 8.11 43.5 ml/kg/min
Cordelia “CJ” Brown 8.8 42.5 ml/kg/min
RAST Sprint test
Louis Trey Van III 650 watt
Jacob Stella 580 watt
Isai Maldonado 545 watt
Isabella Alamo 400 watt
Isabella Garcia 384 watt
Perla Arellano 340 watt
RAST sprint test
Joshua Gancas 0.50 watt/sec
Diego Djordjevic 0.74 watt/sec
Julius “JJ” Cantu 0.76 watt/sec
Sara Hauck 0.48 watt/sec
Marcella Guerra 0.58 watt/sec
Cate Defendorf 0.75 watt/sec
Speed  20 m sprint
Cristian Barrios 3.14 sec
Yassiel Salazar 3.17 sec
Cesar Quevedo 3.23 sec
Kyla Wagner 3.14
 Isabella Alamo 3.35
 Isabella Garcia 3.41
Agility  Arrow head test
Cesar Quevedo 7.98 sec
Cristian Barrios 8.36 sec
David Castelan 8.65 sec
CJ Brown 8.96 sec
Kyla Wagner 9.32 sec
Rhea Perumanil 9.54 sec
Coordination Made passes
Nikola Djordjevic 18x
Cesar Quevedo 17x
Cristian Barrios
David Castelan
Mia Calvillo 16x
Isabella Garcia
Vanessa Flores
Flexibility  Sit & reach test
Isai Maldonado 9 inch
Diego Djordjevic 8 inch
Noel Fluert 6 inch
Cassandra Rodrigues
Isabella Alamo
6 inch
Victoria Moreno 5.5 inch
Balance Standing Stork test
Edson Zarbajal 17.74 sec
Nikola Djordjevic 15.99 sec
Conner Almarza 10.28 sec
Kyla Wagner  4.82 sec
Rhea Perumanil  4.26 sec
Charlotte Barnes  3.95 sec
Jump height
Cesar Quevedo  26 inch
Yassiel Salazar 23 inch
David Castelan
Dominic Mayen
Miles Dommisse
Louis Trey Van III
 22 inch
Cordelia “CJ” Brown 21 inch
Jade Dobson
Skylar Zinnecker
Emma Williams
Sara Hauch
20 inch

About One World Soccer

one world soccer freestyle sports strength and conditioning

One World Soccer of Texas, Inc., a non-profit organization, is a unique and exciting youth soccer club for boys and girls aged 4-18 in Pflugerville, Texas. At One World Soccer, under the leadership and design of it’s founder, Daniel Benito, the principles of Spanish Style Soccer are taught to a diverse population of kids as young as 4 years old. Spanish Style Soccer involves short passing and movement, working the soccer ball through various channels, and maintaining possession.  This distinct soccer structure type demands the combination of dynamic individual and collective skill, as well as a healthy trust between every member of the team.

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