Our strength & conditioning programs are not only for the professional athletes. Even young aspiring children and athletes benefit from our services. It is a great tool to see where you are now and where you can improve. Measuring is key to growth. Do you want to get stronger? Faster? Have better coordination? Have more power or better balance? Improve your agility or flexibility? Or do you want to build a larger endurance? These sports performance services are the way to go. The Freestyle Sports coaches will test you to determine the base level and work with you to improve and reach your goal.

Freestyle Sports believes in bodyweight exercises before adding external weights. We will design a program specialized for you, based on your base level and sport. Our exercises are short and high intensity, but we only want you to go as fast or as heavy where you are still using the right techniques. Educating young athletes on the proper way to move is key. This will prevent later injuries and slow down wear and tear.

We currently offer strength and conditioning programs to One World Soccer, the West Austin Youth Association and individual athletes. Interested in how we can help you? Please contact us through email or phone.

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